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Multi-Language OTT Platform Setup

For over 10 years, Spell has been in the business of implementing Over The Top (OTT) video and audio streaming platforms. These OTT platforms featured on-demand, live streaming, FAST channels, audio only on-demand and live streaming, podcasts, training and instructional videos.

OTT platforms feature a robust backend infrastructure that is fully automated to ingest, process, store and deliver content to multiple platforms such as Web, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung, FireTV, Hulu and Roku.

By harnessing AI, Spell has developed its specialty in multi-language content creation for textual (captions, subtitles) and audio (real-time and on-demand). Both on-demand and FAST channel content is featured in more than 35 languages which empowers users to understand and enjoy content in their preferred languages.

We implement fully automated content transcription and translation services that tightly integrate with OTT platform workflows.

We also provide stand alone caption/subtitling and audio dubbing services in multiple languages.

Spell now provides AI enabled audio creation in 20+ languages.