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Harnessing AI for a true multicultural streaming experience

About Us

spell.solutions is the engineering arm of Spell that develops and implements IT solutions for clients across multiple industries in several countries.

spell.solutions has specialized in harnessing AI to create multi-language apps, audio and video content, and various enterprise level cloud solutions for its clients.

Our cloud solutions are based on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud (GCP) and Microsoft Azure. From server to serverless to micro-services based projects, we provide expert implementation for diverse use-cases.

Spell develops communication solutions which include audio, video and text based apps across multiple platforms. These include secured corporate communication apps, one-on-one video chat/calls, group video calls, video webinars and video classroom solutions.

With a successful track record of project implementations and satisfied clients, spell.solutions continuously strives to provide quality services for diverse and custom use-cases.

spell.solutions is based in the United States.